David is a...

Cinematographer / director of photography based in London & the UK.


I love to work with directors & producers on projects that have a deep founded purpose behind them, be it artistic, ethical or commercial.


I'm a servant to any film project I undertake and I demand the highest quality from myself. I believe that the best cinematography goes unnoticed. I see my role as drawing together all the visual elements of an image to deliver the directors intention & vision as their collaborator. 

Whilst at art school my love for film took hold. I began a journey shooting all over the world on drama, documentaries, commercials, promos and content.


Now my joy is shooting narrative film as well as commercials & promos that require a director of photography adept in film theory & language. I speak through my light and lens & hope that you can feel emotion behind my images.

Cinematography is my passion, my ambition, my happy place. I live to shoot film.

Cinematographer David Cawley, based in London, on set with Arri Alexa