The Endless River is a 53 minute music film of Pink Floyd's final album, bookending their career with the artist and animator who first formed their visual style, Ian Emes. The film is part of the lavish box set 'The Later Years'  

I shot with Ian for 5 days in a studio & 2 days on location for the film.


"Within this intuitive interpretation of Pink Floyd's music, there are secrets, enigmas and metaphors. The narrative is open ended, therefore open to individual interpretation, along the lines of: In the parallel worlds of the past and the future, two tribes struggle to survive on a dying planet, while attempting to communicate with the life force of earth itself. As time runs out, a monolith approaches from outer space, carrying within it a puzzle which they fail to understand. Is it a warning, or does it contain the secret to the survival of mankind?" - Ian Emes


Director - Ian Emes

Cinematography - David Cawley

Art Director - David Curtis-Ring