Mountain Biking Documentary poster
Shine 2017 Movie Poster
Documentary film My Year With Helen Directed by Gaylene Preston
Poster for The Insatiable Moon 2010, New Zealand


Shine(USA) London Unit DoP Dir. Tony Nardolillo            13 Paces               Arri Alexa XT  Indie Cinema

                           Prod. Sandra Varona             Sugar Studios LA

The Insatiable Moon (NZ)   Dir. Rosemary Riddell           Holy Bucket            SONY           Cinema (Rialto)

(2nd Unit)                 Prod. Tim Sanders, Pip Piper    Blue Hippo Media


HORN (SA)                  Dir. Reina Marie Loader         Cinema Humain          C300           iTunes

My Year With Helen (NZ)    Dir. Gaylene Preston            GP Productions         Various        COMING SOON

London & Ukraine DoP

Mountain Biking (UK)       Dir. M.Clifford & P.Piper       Blue Hippo Media       C300           Vimeo

Bicycle (UK)               Dir. Michael B Clifford         Blue Hippo Media       C300           Amazon Prime

Last Shop Standing         Dir. Pip Piper                  Blue Hippo Media       DSLR           Sky Arts

Super Factories         Dir. Sam Taplin             Pioneer TV           Sony F900    NatGeo


Pink Floyd ‘The Endless River’

52 min Featurette          Dir. Ian Emes                   I.EMES                 Sony F55

The Souls

'Cry'                      Dir. Vasilisa Forbes            FIRSTFILMS             C300

Kid Cupid

'Broken Down'              Dir. David Yorke                IGNITE                 A7Sii

The Blizzards

'Perfect on Paper'         Dir. Vasilisa Forbes            FIRSTFILMS             FS7

Pale Seas

Studio Session             Dir. Michael B Clifford         INDIE                  C300

Rumer & Pete Bruntnell

‘Played Out’               Dir. David Cawley               Blue Hippo Media       5Dmk3


'Be My Baby'               Dir. Dominic Green              Weekday                Aaton XTR 16mm


Yale: Heart of the Family   Dir. Barney James              Agency. THE AGENCY      C300MK2

Carphone Warehouse          

Galaxy S8 PLUS             Dir. Mark Jackson              Agency. 1000 Heads      Alexa Mini

Course You Can             Dir. Barney James              Agency. McCann          Alexa XT

PlayStation VITA           Dir. Andi Garner               Maverick Media          DSLR

Behind Closed Doors        Dir. David Fair                Agency. NBA             RED MX


Parting Gifts               Dir. David Yorke               Prd. Ignite             C300

THE FOX                     Dir. Henry Scriven            Prd. Bloody Rascal      Arri Alexa XT

Companies Man               Dir. Nour Wazzi               Prd. Steve Smith        C300

The 20 Minute Film Pitch    Dir. Stephen Reynolds         Prd. Richard Adams      C300

PUSH                        Dir. Henry Scriven            Prd. Bloody Rascal      C300mk2

WE                          Dir. David Yorke              Prd. Ignite             Sony F55

Rapscallions                Dir. Henry Scriven            Prd. Bloody Rascal      Aaton XTR 16mm


British Fashion Council

'Letters From the dark...'  Dir. Barney James             Designer. Mary Benson   River Island


‘Seventies’                 Dir. Barney James             Dior, Miu Miu, Prada    ODDA Magazine

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© copyright 2018 David Cawley



Director of Photography


                                   , I have been working for ‍‍‍many years in the disciplines of Drama, pop promos, commercials and documentary. Not a moment passes by when Im not studying the light around me, seeing its form and how it shapes our world. I believe that light is intrinsically linked to human feeling and feelings can be expressed in colour.

Cinematography, is life to me.

I love to put the audience into the performance and for the camera to feel intrinsic, inborn, native to the scene. My personality behind the lens is calm, happy and proactive. I hope to challenge myself and those around me with my approach speak through my light and lens. I love a project that has a deep founded purpose behind it, be it artistic, ethical or commercial.

‍‍‍Im a Cinematographer based in London